Q: What ingredients are in PerioPatch®?

A: Ethylcellulose, polyacrylic acid, Sambucus nigra, castor oil, acasia gum, methyl hydroxylpropyl cellulose, glycerol, strawberry flavor, Centella asiatica, titanium dioxide, Echinacea purpurea, polysorbate 80, CI 77491. Research periodontists found that a botanical extract combination of three botanicals (Sambucus Nigra,Echinacea Purpurea and Centella Asiatica) when extracted under specific conditions and ratios, has a synergistic effect, which causes a significant reduction of inflammatory related symptoms. All of the above ingredients in the PerioPatch® are ingestible so there is no risk if any part of the patch is swallowed.

Q: Is PerioPatch® covered by insurance?

A: Many offices have reported successful reimbursement by insurance companies for PerioPatch®. As with other services, coverage varies by insurance company and by plan.

Q: Is PerioPatch® FDA-approved?

A: Yes, PerioPatch® is approved by the FDA and CE.

Q: How does PerioPatch® manage gingival pain and other oral wound pain?

A: By absorbing wound exudates and providing a physical barrier, the PerioPatch® restores the balance necessary to promote natural healing. In addition, the reduction of the inflammatory symptoms rapidly soothes the local gingival pain, or other oral tissue site.

Q: Is PerioPatch® safe to swallow?

A: Yes! All ingredients in the PerioPatch® are ingestible so there is no risk if any part of the patch is swallowed.

Q: Is PerioPatch® applicable for children?

A: PerioPatch® has not been studied in children under 12. PerioPatch® provides a protective barrier for Orthodontic patients who are often bothered by their orthodontic wires and brackets. Patients report significant pain reduction with use of PerioPatch® during orthodontic treatment.

Q: Who should not use PerioPatch®?

A: Patients with known a known sensitivity to any of the ingredients should be advised not to use PerioPatch®. PerioPatch® should not be used in children under the age of 12.

Q: Will PerioPatch® affect the taste of food?

A: PerioPatch® has a mild strawberry flavor. Taste interference has not been reported and most users find the flavor to be pleasant.

Q: How often can PerioPatch® be safely reapplied?

A: PerioPatch® may be applied as often as needed. Studies showed that 3 PerioPatch® applications in the first 24 hours are most advantageous for healing. Once the hydrogel barrier wears away (3-5 hours), another PerioPatch®may be placed over the site.

Q: How long can PerioPatch® safely stay in my mouth?

A: The outer barrier will loosen and can be removed, generally within 1-2 hours. The remaining hydrogel dressing layer will remain for up to 5 hours, depending on where the patch was placed, how much you are eating, drinking, etc.

Q: How should PerioPatch® be stored?

A: PerioPatch® is best stored at room temperature in a cool, dry place.

Q: Does PerioPatch® assist in healing?

A: Yes. PerioPatch® functions as a dual-purpose product. It gently adheres to the wounded tissue avoiding the invasion of outside stimuli into the wound and absorbing the exudates produced during the inflammatory process. Applied directly over the affected area, PerioPatch® forms a local protective seal over inflamed gingiva, irritated gingival tissue, or wounded gingiva and oral mucosa and promotes their natural healing.

Q: Should PerioPatch® be placed on the buccal (cheek side) or lingual (tongue side) of the affected site?

A: PerioPatch®‘s unique adhering property allows successful placement at either buccal (cheek) or lingual (tongue) sites of gingival inflammation.

Q: “Can PerioPatch® be used by women who are pregnant or nursing?”

A: There are no contraindications for pregnant / nursing women.

Q: “Can I use PerioPatch® for guided tissue regeneration?”

A: It is not intended to be used as a guided tissue barrier. It is designed to be used on the surface of the gingiva or oral mucosa to improve the healing after the surgery.

Q: “What is the shelf life of PerioPatch®?”

A: PerioPatch® has a shelf life of 2 years from the date of manufacture. See package for specific date.

Q: “What side effects have been reported?”

A: A small percentage of patients who have severe gingival inflammation or other inflammation may experience slight tingling/ burning following placement of the PerioPatch®. Because of its strong adhesive qualities, do not try to remove the patch once it is in place and the sensation should subside within a minute or two.

Q: “Could someone going through radiation to the head and neck use it for oral cavity blisters?”

A: Mouth sores are a common cancer treatment side effect that can be painful and distressing. PerioPatch® can help in managing these painful sites by providing a protective seal over the inflamed gingiva and oral mucosa, absorbing wound exudates and promoting natural healing.

Q: What size is the PerioPatch®?

A: PerioPatch® is elliptical in shape and measures 25mm x 8mm at its widest point.