PerioPatch® Usage

PerioPatch® is easy to use

1. Identify the affected or inflamed oral tissue area

2. Place the lighter side of the patch directly on the affected area

3. Relief from symptoms should be experienced after application

Who should use the PerioPatch®
People with the following conditions can benefit from the protective aid of PerioPatch®:

  • 1. Irritated gingival tissue (such as immediately following SRP), inflamed gingiva, oral wounds, injuries, and ulcerations of the gingiva and oral mucosa
  • 2. Stomatitis, minor chafing, and traumatic ulcers
  • 3. Abrasions caused by braces and dentures
  • 4. Oral pain and trauma associated with dental procedures

Recommended application
In clinical practice, the most efficacious usage for oral wound management is the application of 3 patches within the first 24 hours, followed by the application of 3 additional patches as needed on subsequent days.